Edge lit ultra thin LED panels and T8 LED retrofit solutions. Upgrade your lighting and savings with Axlen LED lighting.

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Why do we offer the Axlen e-Solis lighting series?

The Stafford West Group is proud to distribute the Axlen e-Solis series. These lights provide industry leading efficiency and smooth even lighting in an elegrant ulta low profile frame. They also offer full dimming capabilities and integration with smart lighting control systems. They offer excellent energy savings in one of the sleekest looking panels on the market.

The Axlen T8 LED tubes offer an easy upgrade to retro fit your existing lighting troffers. As more people realize the inefficiencies of existing flourecent lighting (higher energy use, flicker, UV and IR light) and the damaging effects their mercury content, the Axlen tubes gives customers a simple and fast way to upgrade. Their unique design allows for fast installation without complex re-wiring.

e-Solis and eZ-Series T8 Technology Highlights

eco-friendly LED lighting


An old 60 Watt incandescent light bulb has an output of about 800 lumens or an efficacy of 13 lm/W. e-Solis panels have an efficacy up to 120 lm/W - 33% higher than the typical low-priced panels. For long term operation, the higher the efficacy the lower the cost of ownership.

eco-friendly LED lighting

Lumen Maintenance (L70)

L70 value represents the time it takes for LED light output to be reduced to 70% of its initial level. e-Solis panels have L70 values that are 3-4 times better than typical low-priced panels. To maintain required lighting levels you’ll need to replace low end panels sooner compared to e-Solis panels.

CLEON Smart Lighing ecosystem

Smart Lighting Control

CLEON is Axlen’s plug and play, cost-effective, lighting control system. It requires no external power source, just the CLEON sensor and simple RJ11 cables to connect and you are ready to go. Task tuning, daylight harvesting, occupancy/motion sensing – it’s all part of the e-Solis lighting control ecosystem

Quick and easy installation

Easy T8 Installation

With the Axlen T8 LED tube series, there is no need to rewire or pre-kit tombstones. Reduce installation time by over 75% into existing troffers and enjoy energy savings of 50% or more versus fluorescent tubes. Simple and safe connectivity with full industry compliance: UL/cUL, FCC, CE, DLC, LM79, LM80 LEDs

The Axlen e-Solis Panels and T8 tubes

Axlen e-Solis LED Panels

Axlen's e-Solis Edge Lit LED panels represent a major breakthrough in design innovation and the future of solid-state lighting: ideal for commercial and industrial office buildings, retail space, conference centers, hospitalities, sport facilities, classrooms, and other indoor spaces. They offer elegant lighting solutions and significant energy savings.

Axlen e-solis LED Panel• New Generation Lighting Panel
• Elegant Low Profile Design
• Efficient Edge Lit LED Architecture
• Smooth Lighting Distribution
• Directional or Diffuse Light Output
• Proprietary Low-Glare Optical Films
• Suspended or Embedded Applications
• Replacement for 2' x 2' fluorescent troffers, regular and low bay applications
ModelInput (VAC)WattageBeam AngleOutput Light EfficacyCRICCI
AX-PL2-32W30K 100-277 32W 110° 4130 lm 130 lm/W 85 3000K (warm)
AX-PL2-32W40K 100-277 32W 110° 4290 lm 135 lm/W 85 4000K (neutral)
AX-PL2-32W50K 100-277 32W 110° 4500 lm 140 lm/W 82 5000K (cool)
AX-PL2-50W30K 100-277 47W 110° 5900 lm 125 lm/W 84 3000K (warm)
AX-PL2-50W40K 100-277 47W 110° 6110 lm 130 lm/W 84 4000K (neutral)
AX-PL2-50W50K 100-277 47W 110° 6400 lm 140 lm/W 82 5000K (cool)
AX-PL2-32W30K-D 100-277 32W 50° 3720 lm 120 lm/W 85 3000K (warm)
AX-PL2-32W40K-D 100-277 32W 50° 3850 lm 120 lm/W 85 4000K (neutral)
AX-PL2-32W50K-D 100-277 32W 50° 4050 lm 1390 lux 82 5000K (cool)
AX-PL2-50W30K-D 100-277 47W 50° 5310 lm 1830 lux 84 3000K (warm)
AX-PL2-50W40K-D 100-277 47W 50° 5500 lm 1890 lux 84 4000K (neutral)
AX-PL2-50W50K-D 100-277 47W 50° 5760 lm 1980 lux 82 5000K (cool)

Axlen eZ-serie T8 LED Tubes

The next generation of our LED lighting T8 retrofit solutions – offering the industry-leading lighting performance that you currently enjoy from Axlen T8 tubes …but with a reduced installation time of over 75% into existing troffers.

Axlen eZ-series T8 LED Tube - 4Ft Dimmable Retrofit Kits• Direct replacement for fluorescent tubes in existing fixtures
• Energy savings of 50% or more
• Flicker free with instant turn-on and dimming to < 20%
• No UV radiation or unwanted heat
• Mercury free and RoHS compliant
• UL/cUL, FCC, CE, DLC, CA Title 24, LM-79, LM-80 LEDs
ModelLengthInput (VAC)WattageOutput Light EfficacyCRICCI
AXEZ-T8E-2F12W40K 2ft 100-277 10.3W 1513 lm 146 lm/W 85 4000K (neutral)
AXEZ-T8E-2F12W50K 2ft 100-277 10.4W 1564 lm 150 lm/W 85 5000K (cool)

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