Zero maintenance, save money, and improve employee health with Amagine's Apollo LED high bay lights.

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Why do we offer the Apollo lighting series?

The Stafford West Group truly believes that these lights produce the optimal energy ratio along with greater lifespan for industrial bay lighting. Through newly patented cooling technology and proprietary chip sets nothing comes close. We can also customize the light output to meet your needs.

Time and time again we have seen customers choose cheaper LEDs only to have them fail before their stated lifespan. Even though these cheaper LEDs are covered by warranty the costs, risks, and downtime associated with replacing failed LEDs adds up. Compared to older LED lighting, the Apollo series gives business owners the luxury of zero maintenance (no annual dusting required) while saving energy costs beyond last generation LEDs.

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Apollo Technology Highlights

LED heatsinks

Patented Heat Management

Our LEDs achieve an expected lifetime of 100,000 hour runtime with the help of North American engineered and patented heatsinks - delivering unmatched cooling efficiency and longer life all in a sleek design. They will last longer with less maintenance and replacement costs.

LED close up with micro lenses


Each tiny LED employs a specialized micro lens for equal dispersion of light while greatly extending the lighting distance. This creates the most natural lighting and even color representation from very extended ceiling heights. Increase employee health with infrared-free, UV-free, flicker-free and humming-free lights.

Excellent Warranty


Our LED array and power supply components have a 10 year warranty and are easily replaced with our plug and play design. Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects on all other parts. Designed and manufactured in USA and Canada.

eco-friendly LED lighting

Eco-Friendly & Maintenance Free

Up to 80% energy savings. RoHS & LEED compliant. Absolutely no mercury or lead. Recycable. Low heat, no humming, instant-on and dimmable technology. No annual dusting, cleaning or maintenance required.

Apollo LED Bay Light Specs

The Apollo LED bay light series gives business owners the best cost-effective LED solution for lighting warehouses, indoor production, manufacturing, industrial and other indoor spaces where employee visibility, clarity and production uptime are priorities.

    Specification APOLLO 40 Apollo 250Apollo 400Apollo 750Apollo 1000Apollo 1500
    Amagine Apollo 40 LED lights Amagine Apollo 250 400 LED lightsAmagine Apollo 250 400 LED lightsAmagine Apollo 750 LED lightsAmagine Apollo 1000 LED lightsAmagine Apollo 1500 LED lights
    Heavy Duty Diodes 54 Nichia 54 Nichia54 Nichia108 Nichia162 Nichia216 Nichia
    Patented Optics 170 Degrees 170 Degree170 Degree170 Degree170 Degree170 Degree
    Input Power 40 Watts 94.6 Watts131 Watts260 Watts390 Watts520 Watts
    Lumens 5,000 12,14015,98530,00045,60060,800
    Efficacy 125 lm/W 128.2 lm/W121.4 lm/W 116 lm/W 116 lm/W 116 lm/W
    THD <10% <10%<10%<10%<10%<10%
    Colour Accuracy (CRI) 75+ 80+80+80+80+80+
    Colour Temperature 4000, 5000 K 4000, 5000 K4000, 5000 K4000, 5000 K4000, 5000 K4000, 5000 K
    Expected Lifetime 100,000+ HRS 100,000+ HRS100,000+ HRS100,000+ HRS100,000+ HRS100,000+ HRS
    Calculated L70 272,000 Hours 272,000 Hours272,000 Hours272,000 Hours272,000 Hours272,000 Hours
    Warranty 5-YR U* (10-YR L)
    *1 YR if mounted
    in direct sunlight
    5-YR U (10-YR L)5-YR U (10-YR L)5-YR U (10-YR L)5-YR U (10-YR L)5-YR U (10-YR L)
    Water Proof IP 67 IP 67IP 67IP 67IP 67IP 67
    ISTMT 59.1°C 59.1°C59.1°C59.1°C59.1°C59.1°C

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